Hue Sunset

Let the Hue Sunset app for iOS adjust your hue lighting schedule so the lights turn on at sunset. Hue Sunset modifies the on and off times of the schedules you have already created with the hue manufacturer's application. The schedule on time can be adjusted to sunset as it changes during the seasons. Fixed on or off times can also be adjusted. These adjustments are performed in the background automatically. They save you energy by using lights just when they are needed. They save you time by performing the adjustments for you.


A list presents the schedules you have created on the  hue bridge using the hue manufacturer's application.  Selecting a schedule presents the adjustment view.

On time can be set to sunset with an offset.  Off time can be set to sunrise. A fixed on or off time can also be adjusted.

A Lights tab has been added for convenience. You can turn lights on if you arrive home after the schedule has already turned the lights off or you can turn lights off if you retire earlier than the schedule turns them off.


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